Happy New Year! Beginnings, Concerts and Podcasts

Happy New Year!

It’s great to have these demarcations in our lives – times to reflect on past and future, and to dream about what might be possible, how we can realize our potential and contribute to the world in the coming 365 days. Obviously, this is just a date on the calendar – but most of us get a few days off to enjoy time with our friends and family and to catch up on our to-do list or make up for some missed sleep. . . We should really enjoy this rare opportunity to dream and relax.
Our New Year’s resolutions all have to do with change. On the one hand, nothing ever changes overnight; and on the other, everything always does change sooner or later. Set your goals for the year to gain focus, clarity, and to imagine what’s possible. Then come back to the present moment – living here and now is the greatest joy!

To begin the New Year, I am traveling for performances in Oregon, the Kennedy Center in Washington and back to the West Coast, this time Canada. Each concert includes completely different repertoire! Lots of variety to start 2012.

And to begin our Classical Minutes Podcasts for the year, Monday’s show touches briefly on New Year’s resolutions. Tuesday’s show asks “Are You Inspired?”, and on Wednesday you’ll hear about some new musical apps I’ve studied over the holidays. The constant question “Am I Prepared Enough” is on Thursday’s show, and to end the week I show you how to become your own audience… Have fun with these Minutes, enjoy the first few days of the year and stay in touch!

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