First Week of Podcasts on iTunes! Shows for 12/5 to 12/9

Last week I was at a party in New York to launch the release of a new CD of Brahms and Smetana with my piano trio, and a friend I haven’t seen in a while asked me what I was up to. You see, this friend of mine just knows that I’m always up to something… So I told him I’m about to publish a series of daily podcasts I’ve been working on – the idea of these podcasts is to share with people some musical tips and techniques and ways to make music a really great part of their lives. I knew this was going to be fun when he said, ”Yes, finally!” and “How do I subscribe?”

The thing is that while practicing and performing, an endless number of thoughts arise and develop in my mind. Thoughts about music, interpretation, the process of learning and practicing, and the place of music in our lives, whether we are performers or a listeners.  Now finally these ideas and observations from years lived with music have a home here on the Classical Minutes podcasts.

On this quiet Sunday morning, I’m absolutely thrilled to be writing here the very first entry of The Classical Minutes Blog. A microphone purchased, an RSS feed configured, and now we have our first week of podcasts coming up on iTunes.

The Classical Minutes are here to help you grow each day, get the most from your time with music and reach your goals.  I’ll be keeping things short and to-the-point, just the exact information you need to stay motivated, get results, and have fun – each podcast will be only about a minute long! This Monday we’ll be challenging common beliefs about how to warm up to begin a practice session; Tuesday’s show “Did you turn off your cell phone” will help you focus your energies and concentrate on your work; Wednesday’s show will test your awareness; Thursday’s will empower you with a new great habit; and Friday’s will remind you to plan and evaluate your work regularly.

Enjoy listening, and don’t forget to let me know your thoughts and questions in the contact page or on our brand new Facebook page. I love hearing from you personally!

OK, time for a walk in the park here in upper Manhattan and then a good light read. Something relaxing for a gorgeous Sunday afternoon here in the city.

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